If you’ve been paying attention recently, you might have noticed that modern-day fashion in Indian has made a huge transition. Today’s fashion has managed to find a perfect balance of traditional Indian fashion and styles from the western world. Thanks to the ever popular and super stylish Kurti, traditional Indian dresses for women have undergone a long-awaited transformation. There are now various Kurtis available in an infinite amount of colors, patterns, and materials. No matter the occasion, women can wear a Kurti that will not only be appropriate but also have them looking stylish.


Even though the infinite variety of Kurtis has brought joy to countless women, it has also created a sense of hesitation. Figuring out which one to wear, which pattern is right and which color suits best has caused a fair amount of confusion. Well, we make that a bit easier for you. Just keep the following tips in mind and you’ll never go wrong with a Kurti ever again:

- The most important thing to consider when deciding on which kurti to wear is your individual body type and shape.

- It’s sometimes easier to choose a Kurti if you start with what bottoms/pants you’d like to wear first.

- Kurtis that are around thigh length is great when choosing to wear a pair of leggings or jeans.

- Long kurti can make you appear extremely fashionable if paired with a nice pair of tights or boot cut jeans.

- A kurti that comes to around your waist is the perfect decision when going to the traditional Indian look.

- If there’s a desire to wear a nice-looking skirt, you should reach for a waist-length kurti. Combining these two will create a stylish outfit.

- If you’d like to wear a bright color, it’s advised to choose a Kurti that has simple, bold, or block patterns. A nice plain Kurti would also be a good idea.

- Anarkali kurtis are the #1 choice for special occasions and celebrations. You can almost guarantee that you’ll look beautiful and stylish at the same time.


If you follow the tips above, we assure you will never go wrong with a Kurti again. You’ll simply perfect the art of looking classy and trendy at the same time. You can discover your own personal Kurti style by simply experimenting. Mix and match as much as possible. Alternate between bright colors and subtle ones along with bold and simple patterns. Soon you’ll discover that everywhere you go, you’ll be turning heads. Expect to even be asked about fashion tips here and there from your admirers. Enjoy your new status as a “Kurti Master”. We hope you enjoy and put these tips to good use. Remember to share them.