With just a day to go for big Christmas celebrations all around the globe, here's a cool game to keep the festive spirit alive. While we all love receiving gifts, the joy of giving is much more. Trust us! So, how do we play Secret Santa? 1) Set a budget. Even though XMas is about giving, nobody should feel pressurized into anything. Keep a reasonable budget that everybody would be happy to shell out. 1385_894823510631035_9115445859405189624_n 2) Make chits for everybody involved. Now, pass the chits around. image1 3) When you pick a chit, YOU'RE that person's Secret Santa. Meaning, you'll be buying something for THAT person. image2 4) Keep the name a secret and go about buying the gift. 1462903_894823483964371_6042027411274443983_n 5) On Christmas, give the gift to the person (secretly) IMG_0685 TIP: Warp your gift-wrapped presents into newspapers (if you're playing Secret Santa at work) to avoid giving away your name! IMG_0683