Weddings in India are a grand affair. They are supposed to be fun and special. But somewhere along the line, we have managed to make it a pompous event, where we have to spend a lot just so some people who we hardly know can have a great time. One must be prepared to go through the wedding shopping (which starts a few months or a year in advance), the sangeet, ring-ceremony, haldi, and if you manage to survive all of this, the actual wedding. And the lists of guests you HAVE to call for all these functions are endless. If you are one of the hopeless romantic who want to have a destination wedding, it will be a real miracle if you can go through this entire process without going bankrupt. Financing your dream destination wedding can be a real pain in the ass, and not to mention expensive. But banks came up with a way to tackle that- PERSONAL LOANS. We cannot go to the bank and ask them for a wedding loan. Instead, we ask them for a personal loan. But is debt the right way to start a new life together? Before you apply for a loan make sure you ask yourself that. We strongly recommend you do not do that, but if you’re still reading it means you’ve made up your mind to take a loan. So we will tell you how you can have a destination wedding without losing a lot of money.
  1. Location:
The most important thing part in planning a destination wedding is the location. Locations cost less if you book in advance. And always book in large groups. Choose a location that is not very popular and if you want to cut back on the budget book dates during the off-season. Hotels and resorts are more inclined to give greater deals during the off-season.
  1. Guest list:
Trim down the guest list- by a lot. Invite only your near and dear ones to the wedding. Lesser people equals to less rooms to be booked equals to money saved!
  1. Travel:
If you want to save money on travel and location, start planning months in advance. Set a budget for travel expense. Make sure you choose a location that is easily accessible and will not exceed this budget.
  1. Go Local:
If you are hiring a wedding planner, hire someone who is a local and well aware of the destination. It cost way less than flying a planner to the location. Use as much local products in the wedding as possible.
  1. Decor:
Choose a simple yet elegant décor. Minimum décor also give very classy and helps save money as well. Go for décor that is reusable. If you want flowers- go for the fake ones as they will stay fresh throughout the wedding. Also, don’t change décor for different ceremonies. Alternatively you can also choose to go with lights as they look classy as well. Only decorate the actual place of the ceremony instead of the whole venue.
  1. Gifts:
If you want to give gift baskets to your guests, choose things that are local and famous. Ask hotels or resorts if they have anything to add to the gift basket. Also, when you buy stuff in bulk, ask for a discount.
  1. Honeymoon:
Now that the wedding is over, you have to start thinking about the honeymoon. You can always decide to stay back for a few more days with your better half. This saves the time and money to travel from one destination to other. After all, even if it’s a dream destination wedding, we have to come back to real life ASAP!   Now you know what to keep in mind when you plan a destination wedding. We wish you all the luck for your future!