No city in this world is safe enough for a woman to step out of her house, anytime she wants to. Women across the world are sexually assaulted, be it in the office, at the train station, or even in full public view! How many times have we seen a lady being eve-teased by a bunch of guys, publically? And we, as public, do not want to get into all of that because of the legal implications. That begs us to ask the question, have we lost all humanity? The recent events of a 25 years old physiotherapist being sexually assaulted and murdered at her own house in Mumbai has left everyone speechless! How can we ask our daughters to not step out of the house after dark if we cannot even guarantee their safety at their own homes! Home is a place where they are supposed to feel safe. Now before you argue or suggest that it was that woman’s fault somehow, have you heard about another case from Delhi, where a 10 years old finally opened up to her mother about the ordeal she had been going through for the past 3 years. Her neighbor, a married man, had been sexually assaulting the little girl for 3 years and had threatened her that her mother would go through the same if she was to tell anyone about his brutality. These are just a few cases that have come to light from the metropolitan cities. But have you ever thought what must be happening in villages, where when a woman is raped, it is considered very shameful for the woman’s family. In villages, it often happens that the rape cases are not registered and the victim is to marry her predator so as to save the family’s name. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of rape cases, because slowly people have started to realize that sexual assault is a heinous crime and people who do it need to be punished for the same. The victim is called a victim for a reason, because she wasn’t at fault. Instead of siding with the predator, we should stand up for those victims. The victims from the act do not have anything to be shameful about. Instead they should look their perpetrators in the eyes and demand for justice. It is very easy for famous people to take a stand, as they are famous and thus considered powerful. But what happens to those who are nobodies?  Are they supposed to just take the injustice silently? Who can they turn to in such an hour of need? It is not enough for people to just say that they support the victims from such crimes, because actions speak louder than words. So the next time you see someone who is being sexually assaulted or eve-teased, make sure you stand up with them against such gruesome crimes. You never know, a little support might be all that someone needs, even if it is coming from a stranger.