Here's a love story straight out of a Yash Raj classic. It has romance, drama, and a typical 'happy ending'. Read on... How we met 'Hi, this is Shamli! How may I help you?' 'Uh...hi! I didn't quite catch your name, could you repeat it?' 'It's Shamli, sir' 'Wow. What does it means?' 'It means saavli...' I can still remember this conversation as if it happened yesterday even though it's almost a decade old. Walking into the office that day, I never imagined meeting my future husband. Well, not meet exactly. Because we didn't meet for a year of falling in love! Surprised? That one phone call (and a series of many others) brought us total strangers together. We fell in love with each other over the phone. Yes, just like a Bollywood movie. When we did meet for our sweet first date, all our dreams came true like they are supposed to. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that I was nervous and practically peeing in my pants on the first date. I just wanted our phone affair to be worth it. I wanted him to be exactly how I had imagined. He turned out even better... unnamed (1) How he proposed On our first date, he went down on his knees to proclaim his love for me. I said yes and we sealed our love in 2011 in a beautiful ceremony. Our affection was each other has only grown over the years. We have a little boy together who keeps our love saga alive. Despite our story being filmy, it's not without its share of arguments and fights, but we work through those...because our passion for each other is much bigger than our egos.