Donald Trump, another nominee for US presidential 2016 elections said that Hillary Clinton is playing the Woman Card. Why can’t she? For Clinton, Sisterhood has always been more powerful. Hillary Clinton is one of the most powerful feminist we have got today. She has always been fighting for Women’s rights, her 1995 Beijing UN Women Conference Speech convinced us about it. She sure made history to become the first woman to win a major party’s presidential nomination. A Clinton nomination is what tells us how a woman can overcome from the oppressive power structure. Hillary has a dynastic advantage. She is aware about the presidential life and the compromises involved with it. She is well informed about it with being associated as the First Lady of United States. Fair Tax System: Hillary will bring out the change in tax system with making the wealthiest Americans and large corporations to pay a fair share. She will urge them to make bold investments and create good-paying jobs. Health: One in every 68 children suffers from Autism. Hillary plans to bring changes in insurance coverage to support the families with treatment costs. She plans to create employment for people with autism. Alzheimer is another demon that we all are scared of. Clinton plans to invest $2 billion per year in research to find a possible cure for Alzheimer by 2025 which will be beneficial for entire world. Literacy among Kids: It was in 1986; Hillary introduced Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program, that helps parents teach their children at home before they begin with Kindergarten. The vision of Hillary Clinton is to fight for the rights of every child’s education. She wants to improve the quality of child care, make more investments regarding child care. Immigration Support: With Donald Trump’s comments to Ban all Muslims, he is facing the hate of immigrants all around. She plans to pass possible laws to make sure that families of immigrants stay together and attain the full citizenship as soon as possible. She also wants to make sure that they receive affordable health care when required. Hillary Clinton is one leader that the world needs right now!  We need Hillary as President for Women of all races, children, LGBT and more specifically World as of today.