Why is it that when the guys meet up, we girls feel jealous of the kind of ‘yaari’ they have? Let’s face it, girls, not all but most us wish we had a girl BFF in life, as somehow boys have an upper hand when it comes to true friendship. And if you’re still not convinced and looking for reasons, we have put together 5 reasons why you need her: To take your shopping experience to a different ‘high’: Shopping with guys is the most passive shopping experience of all times. Now do I need to say anything else? Gossiping away to glory: Gossip and girls have an age old bond. Yes, boys are the last people on earth to gossip with. Because she understands: Girls… nobody can understand what you’re going through better than another girl! C’mon she is a girl too and has faced a similar life as you. No? She can be your share partner: Yeah! You can share what not with her. Clothes, makeup, food, secrets, stories, crazy wishes. Name it! To spread love: Girls! Let’s try to fade the stereotype myth away, about ‘Girls can never be good friends’ and give it in their face. And above all, for a better world. The world needs it.