One of our many many amazing collection that we recently came up with, is called the Fluid lines. As the name suggests, it is all about fluidity, be it about the colours or texture or simply the embroidery.If easy-breezy, fuss-free style is your thing, Fluid Lines must feature in your wardrobe! The collection not only boasts of a tantalizing movement of a color with a tinge of shaded pattern, but also rich Lucknowi embroidery to bring the whole look together. Here are our top 5 picks from the collection: Product Code: KU-FL-0632-BK: fl 1 Product Code: US-FL-0641-PK: fl 2 Product Code: KU-FL-0633-PK: fl 5 Product Code: KU-FL-0647-PK: fl3 Product Code: KU-FL-0606-YG: fl4