The region of North East India comprises of seven states- Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Tripura which are fondly called as Seven Sisters of India. We have witnessed major migrations from the North East India to metropolitan cities among which the most preferred are Delhi and Mumbai. However, these migrations have never been fair on North East Indians.  Racism, gender discriminations, sexual assaults are some of the crucial issues women face from North East. There has always been a stark difference between the cultures of North East India and other states. Women from North East enjoy a free culture with equal opportunities as compared to the rest of India. A recent gang rape case of a Mizo girl in the country’s capital is one of the incidents of racial discrimination. North East women are slowly becoming an example of ethnic minority who despite being multi-cultural are not accepted by society. New Delhi, vey infamously known as the “Rape Capital” of India is also leading in the race of discrimination in country. North East population is called out as “Chinkis” by which is an utter disgrace for us Indians who posts the messages of integrity on social media but won’t accept people from one of their own state. A study conducted by North East Support Centre and Helpline (NESCH) reveals that 78 out of every 100 North East people face racial discrimination, sexual attacks against women, human trafficking and violence in Delhi. It is a matter of shame that we frown upon the North East women’s color, facial features and choice of clothes. We need to make it clear in our heads that their appearances and attitude doesn’t make them an “easy target”. HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Recognized as one of the largest organized crime industry in the world, this crime acts as a plague in Indian context too. The young North eastern women are becoming soft targets for the crime. Due to the constant unrest in North Eastern regions, these women are becoming victims of the false promises of the traffickers. North East India has very low police accountability. The problem starts with not registering the incident itself. Women are double wounded, with first facing the humiliation and then ignorance of Police who refuse to help them. INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN FROM NORTH EAST: 1) Dipa Karmakar, Tripura:  In a country that lacks basic infrastructure for a sport like gymnastics, she is the first Indian female gymnast to compete and attain the 4th position in Women’s vault 2016 olympics. 2) Hasina Kharbibh, Meghalaya: She found the Impulse NGO network to end the human trafficking.  She was also nominated for the Ashoka Fellowship. 3) Anshu Jamsenpa, Arunachal Pradesh:  A supermom, she is first woman in India to climb Mount Everest thrice. In the very first attempt, she climbed Everest twice in 10 days in the year 2011. 4) Mary Kom, Manipur: The only Indian woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. Life has never been easier for the North East Indian women in the hills and so they step out in cities to make a better life. However, all we do is provide them a hash nickname called “Chinki” and emotionally harass them relentlessly. Delhi Police in 2011 released a booklet “Tips of Do’s and Don’ts for North East communities in Delhi” which is basically asking them to behave them differently in their own country.