Being a feminist in a testosterone driven country is a war in itself let alone standing for your rights! When one talks about a feminist we assume the person in question is a woman. Why does feminism have to belong to women? Why is that women have to fight their battles alone? The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes is how the oxford dictionary defines feminism. What part of this definition say feminism is by women or even exclusively for women? Feminism fights for equality and not supremacy of women. Why is that women have to fight for themselves? Why can’t men participate in getting equality in the society? Feminism fights for women getting equal rights in a workplace is the same movement that fights for fathers getting a paternity leave. Feminism doesn’t put down men; it helps men be better men. Imagine a world where men can talk about their feelings, where it isn’t looked down upon if a man loves to look. A world where no man is a “sissy” or “isn’t man enough”. In a feminist world it won’t be a man’s job to fend for this family because who cares who is earning? It gives more options to men to choose careers; give them more creative freedom to be a dancer or a nurse without being looked down upon. With more women running workplaces means better work home balance. If feminism talks about not judging women on their physical attributes, it also means men do not have to look a certain way to be “masculine” enough. A feminist world makes for happier people and more successful economies and lets accept a better world to co-exist in. So the next time someone calls you a feminist, instead of feeling offended, ask them why are they not one!