So, for the up-to-date Naari, we bring in the fashion forecast for 2016. Yes, we are going to tell you all that is sure to trend this year. We will make sure you are style-informed, all ready with your killer looks. So be ready to give that, ‘Lemme-show-you-how-it's-done-look’ forecast The colour blue: Cobalt blue is expected to be the colour of the year, majorly in the eye makeup. Be blue ready this year. Loud lips: Loud lips were loved during the end of 2015 too and looks like it’s here to stay. Glitz: Time to fill the shack with glitzy makeup items, sequins and all that glitter. Braids: Braids are back. The bob cut with fringes: Yes, the vintage Bob with fringes are going to rock this year. Out-of-the-pool hair: Remember the wet hair look of the 80s? Yes. You will see them a lot this year. Head gear: Keep your head-bands, tiaras, and all head ornaments at hand. Deep side part: S ide parts, very close to the ear will be in fashion girls. Minimal makeup: The heavy contours are given a break this year. Time for minimal make-up. Dewy skin: No more of matte make-up. Flaunt the dewy skin.