Food is as synonymous in India as cricket; if people aren’t watching cricket in their pastime then they will surely be gobbling on some yummy food. India is renowned for its diverse cuisine which is reminiscent of unity in diversity. Intense spices & flavors of many Indian foods have conquered the world. Here is a list of 5 cities selected here provides an introduction to the country‘s cuisines. Sample the world famous street food of Mumbai Mumbai being a global city has its fair share of world class cuisines, there are some entertainingly stylish venues worth a visit. Mumbai is the home of a variety of cuisines. For a more authentic dining experience of the Konkan region, head to Konkan Cafe Restaurant which showcases the real delicious seafood and coconut heavy cuisine. The real experience is when you taste the street food of Mumbai. Mumbai Street food is bustling with vendors selling a variety of quick bites, which are cheap on the pocket leaving you with a zing in the mouth as an aftertaste! One such example is the Mumbai sandwich, a quintessential sandwich which is topped with sev or cheese. Another is the Vada pav – a deep fried potato savory in bread topped with chutney. It is the food item which is the lifeline of lakhs of Mumbaikars and you can never be satisfied with just one of them! Cutting Chai, a small cup of sweet flavored tea, has fans everywhere can be gulped anytime and anywhere Take in the bustling streets of Delhi The best way to get an idea of the flavors of North is to stroll through the Lajpat Nagar Market, walk through the restaurants & street stalls selling some fantastic chaat such as Gol Gappa, Dahi Bhalla, Aloo Tikki that tantalizes your food buds leaving you asking for more! A trip to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to the iconic Moti Mahal, tucking into the sinful butter chicken & naan & SitaRam Diwanchand in Paharganj for the delectable Chhole Bhatura & the luscious lassi. Savor the Superb seafood of Kolkata This Bengal city is famous for a variety of specialties in particular fish, seafood and in particular its sweet desserts. All this can be experienced at the trendy but still excellent Oh! Calcutta which serves Bengali cuisine. Its menu offers regional varieties of fish curry, macher jhol which is also available at every food stall at one-tenth the price .Try out much reckoned restaurants that have been on the Kolkata food scene for some time. Flurry’s a fabled European style tea room or Saffron a modern restaurant playing with contemporary Indian cuisines. Feast on the culinary options of Bangalore Bangalore is the heart of South Indian culinary culture, local specialties originated include the Masala Dosa – A rice pancake stuffed with potato curry spiced with intense red chili chutney & pongal a sticky rice dish that can be served as sweet and savoury. A long established restaurant which maintains its passion for regional dishes is Udipi Krishna Bhawan which has number of branches across the city and it’s the best to try local specialties’. Relish the Spicy Vegetarian Dishes of Tamil Nadu in Chennai Chennai is famed for its passion for food and its superb vegetarian cuisine in particular rice, lentils & vegetables form the core of Tamil cuisine flavored with curd & spices .To sample the region’s vegetarian specialties’ , Chennai has an array of restaurants serving authentic flavorful food such as Sanjeevanam, Vasantha Bhavan & Sangeeta. The region is well known for sweets which can be sampled at tourist fixtures such as Grand Sweets & Snacks & Cake Park. Food is a special part of India and it will never fail to amaze you. The food in India is just as diverse as its culture. If you know of any specialties then do let us know in the comments.