PUJO  so much more than just worshiping the idol, it's a celebration that brings out the best in us! If you've not heard “kenakata holo na ki?”  (are you done with your Pujo shopping?), you've not LIVED! As we gear up for Durga Pujo, we take you through the five different types of people you are sure to find during your pandal-hopping sessions...read on: All-time pretty aunties: It’s during pandal-hopping that the aunties flaunt their heavy sarees, jewelry and everything that’s pretty. The love birds: You will find them hand-in-hand, hopping from one pandal to another. In fact, the newlyweds will be seen blushing and enjoying their time together. Aww. A person whose sole moto is to click the decoration: They are the real admirers of all the hard work put in up by the decorators because their sole motto is to click the elaborate pandals. The selfie girls: They are the main component of this pandal-hopper society! The prettier they look, the more selfies you'll find on Facebook! The biker boys: Yes! What’s the use of a sporty bike if you don’t vroom it around the pandals?