We spend the majority of our time in office, so it’s likely to establish friendships with the people you work with. Having a good relationship with your co-worker can make the day more enjoyable. But when you form a close bond with your boss, the dynamics could get trickier with the blurred lines between your personal and professional space which indeed would complicate the circumstance in your office. So here are 7 do’s and don’t while broaching the friendship with your boss. 1) Always remember your boss’s authority You and your boss can grab some coffee breaks together and share a few laughs or complement each other but that doesn’t mean you forget that your boss is superior in your workplace. So even if you think your manager is your friend, you must exercise a certain level of censorship and a certain level of control. The manager is your boss first then your pal! 2) Don’t force any friendship Let a relationship with your boss happen organically, don’t force friendship by sending them a Facebook request, let them friend you as the superior. Befriending your boss on social media boils down to personal preferences! The best option is not to become too familiar with networking sites as it brings a personal element to an already complicated relationship. Plus those likes or comments can make your co-workers feel left out and uncomfortable 3) Be careful of what you share While being friends with your boss is acceptable. Think twice about the information you share. This should be a thumb rule with all the relationships. Be careful about sharing a personal problem or something that might affect your performance. It’s best if you and your boss sit down and lay down ground rules in your friendship even though it may seem awkward, it sets boundaries making both of your expectations clear right from the beginning. 4)  Don’t brow ‘nose’ It’s okay to befriend your boss, but make sure it doesn’t seem like you are using your friendship to gain any advantage or get any perks at work. The friendship should be unrelated to your time at work and you don’t want it to affect you negatively. In the office, your boss should treat you as any regular employee and you should expect that from him/her. It’s a sure shot way to make someone feel inferior or disrespected, whether that is your intention or not. 5) Be inclusive You may have a great equation with your boss, that doesn’t mean you form this exclusive office group where no co-worker can penetrate. To avoid getting hurt, include your co-workers in your group. If you are heading out to socialize after work extend the invite to everyone whom you work with. This will reinstate that the friendship is fair and legitimate and also cut down on snide comments from your co –workers. 6) Gossip is a total ‘No-No Office gossip is a bad idea at any circumstance but when between a subordinate and a manager it is a sure shot way of disaster. Avoid any work based discussion post working hours. It will only expand your grey area and complicate your relationship. Also remember your boss is still your boss and wields power so any unintentional ranting about your co –worker could jeopardize his or her career 7) Flaunting your friendship with your boss It is important that you don’t flaunt your relationship in the office. It can instigate your colleagues which could lead to some nasty gossip against you. It is bound to build animosity and tension. Be respectful of your friendship with your boss especially if your co-workers don’t share the same rapport, don’t flaunt it while you may have a great relationship with your boss. You may have to kiss goodbye to your friendship with colleagues if you do so. Navigating a friendship with your boss involves some serious thought and consideration. However, it is doable. Practice these tips for a friendship that is ethical, honest and judgment free.