The concept of the fishtail braid might seem complicated, but with our step-by-step guide, you can master this in TEN minutes flat. Yes, girls, this is the easiest fishtail braid tutorial ever! Step 1: Brush your hair nicely, especially the roots. Dab on a little bit of styling gel to keep the hair in place. image3 Step 2: Gather your hair to one side. Either left or right, and brush them again.  Wrap them in a rubber band. image4 Step 3: Section the gathered hair into two divisions. Unlike the traditional plait, fishtail uses only two divisions of hair. Let’s call them A and B. image5 Step 4: Read this carefully, ladies! Take a section of hair from the section closest to your ear, say division B. Now take the section and add it to the division of hair away from your hair, A.

image6                                                                (Left to right: Division B, small Section, Division A)

Step 5: Now take a section of hair from division B, and add it to division A. Once three sets are made, give your hair a slight tug to get the braid in order.

image7                                                             (Left to right: Division B + small section from A, small section from B, Division A)

Step 6: Keep overlapping sections from each division until you’ve a fine braid like this. Don't forget to remove the band. You can either pull it down to secure the edges with it or snip it off with a pair of scissors. IMG_4883  


Easy? Quick tip: Take a little hair from one end and pass it to the other end. That’s all. fish-tail-braid