Have five minutes? Want to look smashing? But don't know how to go about it? Well, allow us to help you... We are talking about a quick hairdo that will not take more than five minutes- the lace braid hairband. It's loaded with elegance and spunk! Come, try it out with us: Separate your hair from your ear line into two parts. Clip the hair behind in a way that it is out of the way. Yo1 Take a section of hair right next to the partition on the heavier side. Divide the section of hair into three parts. Yo2 Now, cross the front shaft over the middle shaft and then the third shaft over the middle shaft and this time when you cross the front part over the middle, you need to bring in a section of hair along with the first shaft of hair! collage1 Continue this braid till it reaches the ear, now put in a bobby pin and secure the braid tight. Leave the portion of hair you had clipped earlier and...tada! You're done with your lace braid hair band! Stylish, much? yo10   yo9