Christmas and New Year parties are a lot of fun. With the booze flowing freely and the tables filled with food and the music to sway to, there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have. With party comes games, and aren’t you tired of playing the same games at every party? Here is a list of games that you can play at the Christmas/New Year’s party this year.
  • Funniest Gift: True Or Not?
This game is a great ice-breaker usually played with your colleagues or friends. You’ll list three of the funniest gifts you’ve ever received, two true gifts and one made up gift. Everyone has to guess which amongst the three gifts that you had received is fake.
  • Ornament On Spoon:
This is a fun twist to the traditional egg on a spoon game. For this Christmas-themed game, try balancing a Christmas tree ornament on the spoon!
  • Penguin Waddle Game:
With this game, the penguins are sure taking over the world! This is a relay race where you put balloon between your legs and try to cross the finish line before the other team.
  • Blindfold Drawing:
This game is fun to play when you have had a few drinks in you. Blindfold everyone and ask them to draw a Christmas tree in the spirit of the festival. Whoever draws the best picture wins.
  • Gift Wrap:
This is another twist to a traditional game. Instead of three legged race play the two hand race wherein a team of two have to wrap a gift using only two hands. The one who finishes the fastest, wins.
  • Human Christmas Tree:
This is a team game where all the members of the team have to decorate one member as a Christmas tree in the most creative way possible. To make it more fun, ask the teams to decorate with tissue paper or newspaper only.
  • White Elephant:
So many times we wish we had got a gift that someone else might have received. Well here is your chance to steal someone’s gift. White Elephant is a famous gift where you get to pick one gift from a pile of gifts. The person after you either has the chance to pick up a gift from the pile or steal your gift.
  • Balance The Ornaments:
This is a very easy game where people have to balance the Christmas ornaments on a yard stick. The person, who balances the most ornaments, wins.
  • Do You See What I See?
This is a two person team game. Give one person an ornament, and give the other team member a piece of paper and something to draw with. The person with the object cannot say what the object is, but he or she must describe the object so that his or her partner can attempt to draw it. The quality of the final picture obviously depends on how well it was (or was not) described. There are a lot more fun games that can be played without the influence of alcohol. So do you know any more games that can be played at a party?