Red is the color of celebrations. It's also the color of Valentine's Day. We bring you five of our favorite fiery red kurtis that you can wear this season. Take a look: Product Code : K-0519: Who doesn’t like roses, eh? Go nuts over this delightful creation today! Know more about the product here. K-519_a_2_1024x1024 KU-15-WC-0304-RD: Make a stylish statement at mass with this gorgeous kurti. It's place-appropriate and stylish as well. KU-15-WC-0304_1_1024x1024 Product Code :KU-15-FA-0202-RD Go coat-style this season with this quirky kurti. KU-15-FA-0202_2_1024x1024 Product Code: KU-15-MB-0146-RY: KU-15-MB-0146_2_1024x1024 Product code : KU-15-HS-0006-BK: This is the perfect kurti when you're planning to impress your in-laws (or would-be ones ;) F-KU-HS-006_2_1024x1024