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protip 5 hacks to save money

Feb 24, 2017 3:24:37 PM

Money can give you happiness when you have it and anxiety when you don’t! While having some extra cash on you could get you the dress you have fancied at the neighborhood couture or taking the Uber instead of the metro or going out partying. Being short on cash can give you some serious woes like going frugal on your nights out, shopping for your cola at the supermarket or running huge tabs on your credit card bill with money flow being in the distant! Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is getting started. It can be difficult to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals. Here are 5 hacks that can save you some serious money
  1. Free friend time:
Spending time with friends and with people whom you care for has a positive impact on your well being but not when its making you broke. Going out for coffee or dinner with your friends is a fun activity once in a while but there are other ways to chill that are easy on the pocket. Go play a sport together or cycle as you used to in your childhood. The fun and the joy that takes you back to your carefree childhood days is a different experience in adulthood! Go for a long walk on the beach with the cold sand sifting through your feet or if you just want to catch up then meet at each other‘s homes as you used to for your play dates . No spend=FUN!
  1. Treat yourself wisely:
It’s good to splurge on yourself. Allow yourself the luxury of a silly treat and pamper yourself with a goodie bag. It could be as simple as a good pastry, getting aromatic candles to lighten up your home, buy a DVD of a movie you love while gobbling into your favorite ice cream tub. Who said you need to specifically buy big stuff to keep yourself happy? Good things do come in small packages!
  1. Make a weekly plan:
Many people spend much more on food than is necessary. While it's easy to forget to be thrifty when you're biting into a gourmet meal at your favorite restaurant, food-related expenses can become quite large if allow them to get out of control. Buy groceries in bulk and preferably on weekends, with coupons or combo offers. Dine out, when restaurants roll out special offers, thereby saving you a few bucks. This way you can tingle your food buds on a daily basis at the same time it doesn’t lighten your pockets! As the adage goes ‘Money saved is money earned’
  1. Keep a tab:
The first step in saving money is to know how much you are spending. For one month keep a record of everything you spend .That means every coffee, every newspaper, and every snack you purchase for the entire month. Once you have your data, organize these numbers by category- figure out way where you can minimize your expense and cut down on it.
  1. Save on travel:
The best way to save money is to travel by public transport. Instead of going by your own car or bike, carpool to your destination! That will not only save the environment, but also help you on the pockets. Though these are just hacks, the real deal is to inculcate certain life changing habits which provide you the benefits over a long run.
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diy decor ideas for nye

Dec 31, 2016 9:08:04 PM

DIYs are a big hit these days. And everyone wants to try their hand at it. Your bedroom is your personal heaven where you spend most of your time. It should be peaceful, tranquil and it should represent who you are at the same time. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a quick change, spice up your favorite room with these DIYs.
  1. Fairy lights:
This seems to be the latest and most popular trend in home décor. All you have to do is buy some lights, whichever color you like, and uphold them against the pillars of your bed. If you don’t have bed with pillars, simply hang them from the ceiling. This looks absolutely amazing in the dark!
  1. Snowy mason jars:
Mason jars are here to stay and no one will argue with that. They can be used for various reasons other than using it to store something.  Apply glue on the inside of the mason jars and put silver sparkles in it. Close the lid of the jar and shake the jar well. Once the sparkles settle down, remove the excess sparkles on a piece of paper. Once the jar is all dried up, put fairy lights inside the jar or use scented candles to light up the jar from inside. Not only will it look stunning but also give you a calm feeling.
  1. Dream catchers:
Dream catchers are very easy to make and multicolor dream catcher will only liven up your room. Take a circular frame and wrap it around with a woolen thread of any color of your liking. You can also add strings for more effect.
  1. Tea cup and fairy lights:
This is probably the simplest on this DIY list. Buy a lot of small plastic tea cups (see image below) and make four cuts from the side all the way to the bottom. On the bottom, right in the centre, make a hole with a screw or pen. Insert single fairy light through this hole and hang it on the wall. These are not only easy to clean but pretty to look at too!
  1. Rugs!
This is the simplest room décor you can find! You can use an old rug or bed sheet and just pin it up on the wall behind your furniture. And you are done! But if you choose to go with a rug that is heavy on design, make sure that the rest of the room does not appear to be clustered.
  1. Photo walls with fairy lights:
This one will not only liven up your room but also keep your memories fresh! Put up fairly lights on one wall and clip your photos on the wire with wooden cloth clip. You can also paint the clip. Our rooms are our happy place and our adobe! So we rarely like ideas when it comes to changing the décor of that room. Do let us know if you have any such quick décor ideas!
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  A Deep V-Neck Is The Way To Go: Deeper V-necks are evergreen and will highlight your neck and shoulders. They tend to grab all the attention and hence, distract others from the fact that you are not as tall as others. Pair it with a pretty and long neckpiece to add charm and some more style to it. (Product Code:  KU-MC-0666-BN) 1   Flared Pants Are A Must-Have: Palazzos, Flared Pants and Flared Jeans are catching a lot of attention. The reason that they work out well for people with a shorter height is that they tend to go up to your shoes. So pair it with some heels and watch the magic unfold! You can wear any top or kurta with these pants. (Product Code: PZ-SG-0984-BK) 2     Flaunt It Right With Just One Color: Monochrome shades are beautiful and unique. They will make you feel comfortable while attracting attention. The best part about wearing a single shade throughout your dress is that it hides the separation between your legs and your waist. This works well to give you a taller look. (Product Code: KU-GM-1160-OW-) 3   Remember Those High-Waist Pants? : Oh, did you forget them so soon? Well, these will never go out of fashion and should be brought out of your closet. High waist pants make your legs look longer and slimmer, adding on height to your small frame. (Product Code: PZ-15-FA-0215-MC) 4     Rock On With Some Vertical Stripes: Vertical strips create the amazing illusion of height. Yes, they really do that! Never realized this age old trick, did you? Better get some shopping done straightaway! (Product Code: SD-15-HS-0016-RW) 5   You can find these lovely and trending designs at! So log in now, walk tall in these amazing outfits and enjoy your own personality!  
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diyoutfitswhat measurements to take

May 24, 2016 4:44:40 PM

If the DIY bug has bitten you hard, but you don't know what measurements to take to be able to make your own stuff,  let us help you. Even if you're planning to get something made from a designer friend or the talented friend from continents across, you should know what to measure... take a look: Over Bust Bust Under Bust (or where the strap of your bra is) Waist (Slightly bend to find the dent where the bone is) Hip Height (neck to heel) Across shoulder Shoulder seam Armhole Arm length Bicep Forearm (crook your arm a bit before measuring. It will help in the easy movement of your arms) Wrist Shoulder to waist Waist to heels (with your shoes) Thigh Neck On how to measure the bust, waist and hips, watch our video here. 
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Yeah, you heard it right! Make your own lip colour using common ingredients. Since you know what's going into it, you can use it tension-free. Let's get on with the content and procedure: Things required: Petroleum jelly or jajoba/grapeseed oil Your favorite colour pigment Your favorite flavour essence (optional) A small container Method: Mix all the ingredients well in the container and keep it in the refrigerator for an hour. Take it out and apply it with a lip brush. Tip: Keep it in the refrigerator for better results. Go ahead...flaunt that pout!
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Saturday nights should be reserved for lazy dinners, cocktails and a book/movie with your loved one. ‘Kicking off your shoes and forgetting the week that was’ is the only way to do justice to the weekend. We tell you the five cocktails you should definitely try once… French 75: It’s as classy as the name suggests. Made with Champagne/sparkling wine, gin, and lemon juice, French 75 is a vintage cocktail and a definite party-starter. romantic-sun-drink-date Irish Coffee: If you can’t get over your caffeine fix, here’s a frothy, heavenly drink for you. It’s made with Irish whiskey, coffee and dollops of cream. Yum! Cosmopolitan: Arguably the most popular cocktail in the world, this chic vodka-cranberry juice-lemon juice creation is perfect for parties, after-work fun, girls’ night out, and pretty much everything. Sangria: Those ladies who don’t want to experiment with their drinks, this is a classic that will always have your back. The wine-brandy-fruit combo makes it a perfect ladies’ drink. foodiesfeed.com_alcoholic-drinks-at-the-bar Long Island Ice Tea: It’s a favoured drink of the working ladies. Made with Gin, tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec, cola and lime juice, it simply transports you to another world!
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