Twenty eight year ago, an ordinary Chandigarh girl did an extraordinary thing.  The model-turned-air hostess gave her life to save hundreds of passengers on a hijacked Pan Am flight. Her life, most importantly, her death... is being adapted for the silver screen as Neerja. Neerja Bhanot, who was two days shy of her 23rd birthday, braved her attackers and stood her ground as the senior most crew member on the ill-fated flight. When she realized that the terrorists were especially targeting American passengers, she hid their passports and opened an emergency chute to help others escape. The young girl could have jumped off the chute first herself, but the feisty air hostess was the 'captain' of the flight then and she had to be the last to move out- whether alive or dead. The movie promises to bring out the essence and a slice of Neerja's life to our screens because her story needs to be told. Her courageousness, grit, and sacrifice come together in the trailer. Starring Sonam Kapoor as Neerja, it pays an ode to the youngest Ashoka Chakra recipient of India. Watch the trailer here: