India was the first country in the world to adopt an official planning program and family planning has always been a component of the country’s population policy. However, the success in reducing fertility has been sporadic and dogged by controversy. Over the years women have empowered themselves to take the matters of motherhood into their own hands but the situation is quiet contrasting away from the city. It is still a male dominated zone where women have no say in the matters of their own body. Inspite of the government launching awareness campaigns and distributing birth control for free, it is still isn’t being provided in the hands of women. Condoms are the only common method used in the villages. This gives all the power in the hands of the men, leaving women noting more than a object to pleasure men. Women are forced to have children even when they dont want to. Often the desire for male child forces women to give birth a number of times compromising their health and welfare. Various factors cause this situation. Religion and Education being the primary rasons, birth control is still considered as a taboo in major part of the country. In many cases women want to use birth control measures but are stopped by their male partners. According to AHS, 60.7 per cent women do not want more than two children. Contraceptive pill is also a taboo, even in the urban pockets. In an age where the country where women are training to be fighter pilots and girls are being educated in the most remote villages, why are women to able to exercise their right to give birth? In the wake of marital rape and the undying lust for a male child when will the woman be allowed to pop the pill? Q: Shouldn’t the right to birth lie with the nurturer?