There is no surprise that women are excelling in every field. Having broken glass ceilings, women are now managing executives and CEOs.  We walk together with men in all walks of lives, sometimes even a step ahead. Though men have questioned the leadership skills of women time and again, various studies have proven that women make better bosses than men. Here’s why:
  • Women are better listeners: In a position of power, it becomes essential to listen to your subordinates. Being heard by the employer generates confidence among the employees and also instils a sense of security in them which in turns helps them perform better. Listening skills also helps the company deliver better product to the client as the brief is heard well. Men have a tendency of giving out their opinions as they hear someone talk, whereas women tend to absorb more when someone is talking and keep their options for the end.
  • Women have more patience: A hasty decision can often cause a loss of hundreds of dollars or a trusted employee to a company. Women are less likely to jump to conclusions or make quick decisions. Women have a tendency to analyse a situation deeply before termination a situation. This allows a company to make decisions in their best interest.
  • Women focus on teamwork: Men are often considered to work best alone as opposed to women who work better in teams. Due to their nurturing behaviour they make better team leaders as they tend to take along the options and feedbacks of a team, in contrast to men who are known to direct instructions and rules to the members of the team.
  • Women can multitask: Women have known to be able to focus on more than one task more effectively. Their ability to respond to stimulus quickly and manage a team at the time of a crisis makes for effective leadership skills. This quality not only makes them better leaders but also set an example for the employees.
  • Women have lesser ego: One important trait that sets women apart and makes them better bosses is their ability to set their ego aside. This helps them with their decision making skills and reduces bias in an organization. Lesser ego also means taking criticism better which helps understand client needs better and deliver optimum products.
  • Women have higher emotional intelligence: It has been recognized over time that EQ is equally important as IQ. The emotional quotient creates a better dynamic of understanding and empathising over a certain situation which helps analyse situations better. In order to bring out the best out of employees and create a positive work environment, emotional quotient plays a crucial role.
  • Women have stronger business ethics: Contrary to men, women tend to be more comfortable following rules and this helps a organization under the authority of a woman to function more smoothly. As a leader, it is essential to acknowledge the rights of others to pursuit a fair behaviour. It also helps develop uniformity and develop consistency among the employees.
  • Women handle crisis well: As successful household runners along with being mothers, women have been equipped to handle crises with lesser stress. They have the ability to function and draw reasonable conclusions without panicking. This attribute is extremely helpful in running an organization.