CBSE results were announced recently, sending flutters across the student community. Some scored high marks, while some ended up with bad grades. Well, students need to realize that this is not the end of the world. There is a lot to life than grades... So, for all those who couldn't get their desired results, here are five ways to deal with such a situation:
  • Motivating oneself: Self-motivation is important as failure is only the first step to success. There is always a second chance for a person to prove his/her potential.
  • Focus: It is essential to clearly understand the fact that marks are merely parameters that show the performance of a student in a certain set of examination, they are not be mistaken as the tool to judge the ability of a person.
  • Speaking out: In order to overcome this phase, a person must have a channel to vent out his thoughts. He/she may talk to parents or a a close friend or relative. Students must not hesitate to seek counselors' help whenever necessary.
  • Planning: Identifying of one's own drawbacks and taking remedial steps to overcome those is important.
  • Recognizing own talents in fields other than studies: There are many cases where students are not good at studies but excel in other fields. If you're unaware of your hidden skills and talents, explore those.