Cinderella is proof that a pair of new shoes can change one’s life, in a fabulous way! Then came Carrie Bradshaw whose character finely depicted the habits of a shoe addict. There are so many types, colors and prints in today’s shoe evolution that it’s hard to not want them all. Having a huge shoe closet is a very common life goal, not just for women but for the metro sexual guys as well. Let’s have a look at some of the basic types of shoes every woman should have in her closet: • Classic Black Pumps shoe Just like having a little black dress is mandatory; owning a pair of black pumps is a total life saver. Be it work, party or a casual day, if you don’t know which shoes to wear, go with the black pumps. They make every outfit look classy. • White Sneakers shoe 2 Just like we need bras-off nights and sweatpant Sundays, sneakers are the most comfortable shoes ever invented. Now, if the sneakers are white, you’ve hit the jackpot! Yes, they are a little tough to maintain but they look both sporty as well as chic at the same time. • Ballet flats shoe 3 We all can agree to the fact that we love heels but we love our feet more which I why ballet flats are a total life saver. You can run as well as look adorable at the same time! • Platform wedges shoe 4 Wedges are the best of both worlds! They serve the purpose of heels as well as flats at the same time. Safe and sexy! • Ankle boots shoe 5 Goofy, bossy, sexy and confident, speaks a pair of boots. Preferably, brown and black should do the job. So, buy the damn shoes girl. No point in being the richest dead in the cemetery! Do you have ‘em all?