With Facebook finally waking up to the Dislike Button demand, we can't stop dancing. Admit it...you've wanted to Dislike something so badly on a status that you've banged your head against the wall in fury. Well, all your woes are coming to an end with Mark Zuckerberg's super move. As the button takes shape, we look at the five times the button can be used by a Naari...read on: Friends who tag your ugly pics: Don't you hate it when your friends tag you in a pic where you're looking absolutely hideous? Just because they are looking smashing doesn't mean that they can play with your Selfie...err...self esteem. Dislike. Them. Now. bloooog When you're tagged along with 35 others: For the love of god, leave us alone! If you're happy, sad, the dumper, the dumpee, whatever...do not, we repeat, DO NOT tag us in a pic with 35 others. We will find you and Dislike your post. Blog1 Overly edited pictures: Just for a minute, think. We know your face, right? What's the point of giving yourself a ridiculous make-over when we know the real you. You'll be Disliked. Duh. Let's not even go into the overly photoshopped pictures. *Cringe alert* blog pic DDA-showing folks, damn you: DDA aka Digital Display of Affection is so 1983 that even 1983 is ashamed of it. We get it. You're in love. Your world is perfect. Your beau (not bae, by the way. Say that word one more time...) is hunky. Your love life is rocking. But there's no need to flaunt it on our wall. It might do you a world of good to actually call up that person and spend time with him/her. Oh also, your post? DISLIKED. blog3 Your 'first': Whether it's your first 'jali hui roti' or your first hip car, we don't care. Hear us? We don't want to know your many firsts. Gloat over it at home and not on our timelines. Because... ain't nobody got time for that. By the way, the picture you posted of your 'first attempt at Maggi'? It sucks. Disliked. Blocked. Unfriended. Ta-ta. blog4