By Shaloo Tiwari No! This is not an article about ‘feminism’, the one that whole world is trolling and definitely not a ‘sympathy-seeking’ article. It is the one that might help any girl who is or about to compromise her life for the sake of harmony in a relationship. While she thinks it will save the relation, it is actually giving way to bigger issues. And if you’re doing it because some ‘know-it-all-relationship-guru’ asked you to, remember… they are not leading your life and one day when you fall a prey to depression, they will only sympathize and move on. Make decisions carefully! Here are some measures that may help you decide (No, we aren’t that ‘know-it-all-relationship-guru’, we are just showing you what’s already there and you cannot see because you are lost): 1. Don’t move out: Yes! Do not move out and let that germ breed. Today it’s you who’s facing it, next could be some other girl. Once you decide to leave, you are letting evil win. Moreover, he will feel that he was always right and you always wanted to move out. 2. Don’t be loud, be to the point: During an argument, once you up your pitch, they make it a pretext and create stories to save their bum (‘Pmsing’, ‘girls be like’ ‘stupid memes’ are some other example). Moreover, you know if you are right, it won’t hide for long. People will confuse your rude and loud words to you being wrong. 3. Don’t doubt yourself  when you’re making a valid point that he doesn’t like: Whenever you are putting up a valid point, you must have heard, ‘oh! Never mind! You must be on your periods’. Pmsing has just become a hip term to shut our mouths whenever we try saying something and we begin to doubt our self and prove them right! 4. Engage yourself: Do something you wanted to do long before life happened. Do anything you love. And if nothing, bring a smile to someone who needs it the most. While you keep yourself busy and divert your mind. You will meet a stronger you. 5. Remember ‘Righteousness’ is always above everything: Taking your stand if you are right is the best you can do to yourself. You will attract the right kind of person when you take your stand that is right rather than wrong love. Create that aura around you so that he realizes his mistake. Keep in mind that it is you who has to respect yourself, even if people find you haughty. You know you deserve better. You might lose him but when someone loves you and more than that, respects you, girl… you get the right one! You have a generation after you. Be an inspiration.