By Shaloo Tiwari Every Naari is special, and in between her never-ending responsibilities, she forgets that she deserves so much more. So all the beautiful ladies out there, if you haven’t made your bucket list yet, now’s the perfect time! Here are some things that every Naari should do once in her life: Have a dream photo shoot: Doesn't looking at your lovely pictures make you fall in love with yourself? Explore all the ways you want to be shot. If for no other reason, maybe so that you will have a reminder of how fabulous you were in your youth. dream photo shoot Live alone: Take a year to live alone. You will learn so much about yourself during this time. When you do live with someone else or get married you will be so much more prepared live alone Go for a makeover: Do this and you will feel new and rejuvenated. Your confidence will know no bounds. makeover Travel alone: Explore the world, but independently. Make memories that no one else can understand but you. tumblr_nsyp8kW3wf1tkairwo1_1280 Love yourself: the most important ingredient in the recipe of a happy life is to love and accept yourself the way you are and you will have no regrets in yourself