Local trains come as a blessing to big cities and their traffic problems, but since Indian railways are helpless considering our population... local train journeys aren’t very pleasant. And if you are a woman, here are some problems (apart from basics like ‘fitting into no space’, ‘the small WWE sessions’ etc.) in a local train journey you would definitely relate to: The super blend of stink at its maximum: Can’t help! One can’t stop breathing so along with oxygen comes a huge variety of odours. All we can do is pray to the almighty! The ‘monjulika’ effect: Sadly, few beautiful girls don’t realize that their hairstyles (that look like a big bushes) makes the person just behind them go through hell, the whole journey. Please understand! And tie your hair up! pexels-photo-11839-large The positioning problem: Positioning, according to the approaching stations, gets really difficult. God forbid if you are perfectly settled and a new set of people get in and mess it all up! Short girl problem: Now, if you are short and have entered into the wagon, you will find that everyone has hurriedly caught something or the other and we are left with our puppy faces relying totally on our balancing talent! *Aww, take a hug* Bags need another compartment: Larger than the women themselves are their bags, so you don’t only have to make place for yourself but your bags too!