Ladies, you are strong, beautiful, ambitious and fearless...being so many things isn't easy! To make your life easier, allow us to help you with some simple everyday life hacks! Stinky Shoes? Fret not! : Create some baking soda sachets and place it inside your footwear and leave it over night! You will find the stink gone the next day. Deodorant stains is a myth: Whenever you have a deodorant stain, keep calm and rub it with your old stockings or anything in Nylon. It will vanish! When you have no hot bag: Cramps? And you have no hot bag for yourself! Just take sock and fill it with rice heat it for a minute or so and your hot bag is ready. You are Welcome. :) For your stilettos: If you find your heels with rough or scratched surface, make it even more attractive apply waterproof glue to it and sprinkle glitters on it and let it dry. More Attractive? Right? Revamp your simple belly shoes: If you have a simple belly shoes and you want to add a pop to it just tie a satin ribbon around your feet and make a bow on top and then hop into your bellies.