Let’s face it being a 20 something girl often leaves us clueless. Not knowing which major to pick, whether to date that boy who asked you out and later bigger issues like your job and your marriage. While we confide with our best friends, sometimes we need a little more than that. What better than binge watching shows that help you through it. Be it any problem, these ladies have been through it all to help your way out.
  • Sex and the city:
While the clothes and the shoes are reason enough to watch the show, all the dating drama and weddings can guide you through. These girls have made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. From spending your whole pay cheque on shoes to choosing between your girls and a guy, Carrie’s got you covered.
  • Ally Mcbeal:
Who doesn’t love courtroom drama? Getting you through all the work drama and making you ready for your first job. Frenemies and work politics, learn the tricks of the trade. With micro miniskirts in courtrooms to a dancing baby, the show was a total package. Even a single episode of McBeal dusts off an idiosyncratic brand of feminism and unpacks a glorious time capsule of the '90s with chunky heels and a brown lipstick.
  • Friends:
Laugh, cry and learn to smile your way through anything. A show that teaches you about life, love and friendship. Loaded with life lessons, the show cracks you up every time. Love like Monica and Chandler. Lift yourself up like Rachel, see the best in people like Phoebe or just be like Joey.
  • The Mindy Project :
Mindy Kaling is a wonder to behold, tearing around as a gynaecologist whose brain is fried on romcoms. Her quips are ironic, smart, and spot-on. "I figure if I'm gonna be a mess," she says at one turn, "I might as well be a hot mess.  Learn to love yourself and eat your way through life. The best show to watch dealing with a break up.
  • Girls:
For every clueless girl out of college, this show is classic Lena Dunham. Loving and hating New York City. Making their way through life, struggling between their passions and pay checks, a must watch for every girl trying to find herself.