SKDs have a charm, which will never fade! It takes the elegance in you to a different level. SKD aka Salwar Kameez Dupatta is a pre-prepared set so that you need not worry about what to match with what… Well… here we would like to suggest 5 SKDs to you from NAARI’s end: Product Code: SD-15-HS-0017-BB: If looking sassy is your habit you will for sure not miss this! skd 1 Product Code SD-0128: This flirtatious look is enough to make your friends J… skd2 Product Code: SD-0132-BL: Sexy. Classy. Bright… Ooooh falling short of words! skd3 Product Code: SD-15-HS-0017-CW-S1: Looking for a reason to buy this? Like Really?? skd 4 Product Code SD-0126: A perfect colour combo to steal your heart away! You’re welcome!  skd5