Aren’t rules meant to be broken? How would the navigators discover new places if they stuck to the map instead of experimenting with new ways? How would the fashion evolve if tons of designers didn’t come up with new styles every season? How would women look awesome in boy-cuts if they stuck to the tradition of having a knee length hairstyle? • Change is good Change is the way to growth and evolution. If everything remained the same, we would still be living like the Stone Age generation. • Old is not gold People say that the older you are the wiser you get but a lot of us don’t agree to that. Simply because we can see that not all adults have it all sorted. Older people definitely have more experience but learning from one’s mistakes is a choice, not the only option. • Life is too short to play by the book It’s a good thing to learn from other’s mistakes but so is making new ones. Knowing what to do is good but knowing what not to do is better! • Regrets are a waste of time Living a ‘what if’ life is too depressing so go where your heart takes you. Take risks and believe in yourself, you’ll manage. • Use your own brain That’s why we each have one! Let’s innovate, experiment and act the way we want to, until and unless it’s not hurting anybody. Because you rather not play than playing safe. Follow your heart, get your halo dirty, fly, run, fall but don’t stop because; “The most subversive people are those who ask questions.” ― Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World Are YOU a rebel?