Your facebook is flooded with your friends going to Ladakh and you can stop but text your girlfriends that you need to get away from the city. We have curated a list of places across India you can have a blast with your girlfriends that are safe and culturally diverse. 1) Goa des1 This one has always been on top of your list. Does it get better than the sun, sand and a beer by the beach? It does with your girlfriends! Unwind, relax and have a lot of fun. Discover the place on bikes, enjoy the nightlife at Love, Passion, Karma or Curlies and a wholesome breakfast Infantaria with some amazing desserts to choose from or just lay in the beach discussing boys. 2) McLeod Ganj des2 While Ladakh has its own charm, this quaint little town in Kangra is nothing short of a magic. With lush green valleys and glacier water running across the hills. Sip in on hot chai while you and your girls enjoy the sunset. 3) Coorg des3 Enjoy the lush green tea estates and the peace away from the city. Renew your friendship with your girls under the stars talking the night away. 4) Rishikesh des4 For a group of adrenaline junkies, take a trip here and tick off your bucket list with adventure sports. Gild through the rivers, jump off cliffs, sail through the wind; the list is endless. Face your fears with your girls and take home a story you’ll never forget. 5) Havelock Islands des5 If Goa is too crowded for your taste, Havelock is the place to be. Blue skies meeting the blue ocean in water so clear, with amazing sea food and shacks to chill in. You and your girlfriends can flaunt your swimsuits by the beach and swim with the fishes. 6) Udaipur des6 The land of palaces and the kindest locals, perfect place to embrace your inner princess. Sip wine overlooking the city lights or shop through the day for silver trinkets or just plan your dream wedding. 7) Manali des7 Accept it! You and your girls have been planning this ever since you saw ‘ye jawani hai diwani’ trek your way through the serine scenery. Make endless memories with your best friends as you eat Maggie watching the endless pine trees 8) Hampi des8 Don’t get scared by the name, this is one place you should definitely not miss in your lifetime. If your pals and you are lovers of architecture and rich heritage or love to go back in time, Hampi provides you numerous options. You can also trek to the peak from where the entire city of ruins can be seen. Sit with your girlfriends and watch a quiet sunset. 9) Kutch des9 How about bike riding on some white sand instead of Ladakh. Or why not try a different angle to the picture, white salty lands that stretch beyond the horizon. This place in the northern Gujarat that’ll leave you awestruck, which makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Go on a shopping spree with your girlfriends and hunt for antiques through the city. 10) Darjeeling des10 Breathtaking views and quiet silence. Plan a trip with your girls and take a road trip of a lifetime. Going through trees over a hundred years old, blast music as you watch the view. Shop through the markets or be one with yourself in the many monasteries. Enjoy freshly picked tea at Glenery’s or some local momos. Take a little trek and watch the sunrise. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and get going!