With the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry, we working women find it really hard to spend a bomb on our clothing and at the same time stay up-to-date with it all. So today we bring to you 5 evergreen must haves for every working woman.
  1. SUIT:
Make sure that you have at least one well tailored suit that suits your body. And since you’ll be spending most of your day in that suit, make sure that the suit is comfortable yet chic. Always go for a neutral color suit like black, grey, navy blue, etc.
Handbag is where most of our things are. How many times do we dig in our handbags for things that are right in front of us? So always choose a handbag that suits your needs and is easy to organize. Preferably use only one handbag so you don’t always have to switch.
Jewellery is not something that we usually use in the corporate world. So if you do decide to use jewellery make sure doesn’t attract too much of attention. And always make sure to wear a good watch.
A crisp white shirt always looks better on anyone and everyone. So when you need to rush out of the house, a white shirt comes in handy. And the most interesting part is that it can be paired with anything and everything so getting ready becomes a no-brainer.
Since you are going to be working most of the day, you want to make sure that your feet are comfortable too.  Our feet the most neglected part of or body. They carry us around the whole day and yet we fail to realize how much damage will be done if we do not take care of them. Wedges are very comfortable and since they have platform it doesn’t damage our back as well. So the next time you go for shopping, you know what to look for!