The dull weather is such a downer. It makes us long for bright, sunny days of fun and frolic. But monsoon sure has its own charm, isn’t it? So how do we merge the dullness with our longing for blazing hues? With our luminous Kurti collection, of course. Here are five handpicked pieces to make you look dazzling as ever…take a look: Product Code : K-312 This soft coral kurti with a richly decorated floral yoke is perfect when stepping out in the rains. Get ready to be the center of attraction! Placement_Embroidered_Coral_Cotton_Kurti_1024x1024_1024x1024 Product Code : K-403 Nothing screams ‘lively’ like a Kurti splashed in orange and yellow. This blistering creation will add the right pop to your everyday wardrobe. 87_1024x1024 Product Code : K-416 How about beating the blues with a sizzling shade of, well, blue? 09_b2b871c1-a1b4-49a7-bd78-ce65e13b8fe9_1024x1024 Product Code : K- 414 We can’t seem to get enough of this tangy shade. It’s just so GOOD! Turn a drab day around with this masti wala shade. K-414_2_1024x1024 Product Code : K-267 If you wish to keep it subtle this season, opt for this elegant coral Kurti with  detailed embroidery on the yoke and cuffs! 04_2cb5cd49-df29-41ea-9a80-72cc38e835b1_1024x1024