We’ve all been through mad shopping phases, where we have either rushed to grab last-minute deals or haggled with the shopkeeper till he was forced to give us a massive discount. We have drummed up a list of five kinds of shoppers for you…take a look: The compulsive shopper: From buying a fancy LBD to get over a break-up to indulging in a whopper of a bag just to forget the Monday morning blues, this kind of shopper doesn’t really need a reason to make a purchase! If you fall under this category, we have something for you! y The last-minute shopper: Whether it’s a festive purchase or a birthday present, these guys don’t do their buying till the very last-minute. Yes, they do end up over spending! Avoid that by subscribing to Naari deals! y1 The window shopper: They like to browse, haggle and even settle on a price, but they aren’t shoppers. Damn! If you fall under this category, here’s something that will FORCE you to shop! y2 The deals wala shopper: Even if the sun was bursting into flames and they needed a cold-suit to protect themselves, they would wait for the big sale! Don’t worry, here’s a tantalizing deal for you. y3 The ‘researcher’ shopper: They practically have thesis ready on all the products out there. They research better about the product than they have ever done for their exams! If this is you, we have a well-researched item for you! y4 What kind of a shopper are you? Shout out to us in the comments section below.