We are obsessed with sharing our everyday lives with the rest of the world. From what we eat to where we go, social stamping has become the latest fad. Instagrammers know this trend the best. So we want you to watch out for these 5 kinds of people…read on: The food fanatic: They seem to be alive only to eat food. They can gobble down anything and want the world to know about their gastronomic getaways. Sigh. Untitled The ‘OF THE DAY’ pal: From OOTD to POTD, they love flaunting their ‘day’ on our feed. If you don’t have even one person like this on your list, you’re doing social media wrong. 1 The Selfie sensation: Pouting is their middle name. Their feed is full of selfies ranging from bathroom ones to mall clicks to indoor pictures…uff. 2 The PDA person: He/she will almost always share a mushy picture with his/her partner. Whether you go aww or eww, we don’t know. The motivator: From sharing insane quotes to deep philosophy, he is your go-to person for motivation. couple-love-people-romantic-large