If your wedding is just round the corner and you also love to be clicked, I am sure you already must be wondering how to execute your pre-wedding shoot. Yes, this is how you can preserve your pre-wedding days. I am sure you must be planning something out of the box pre wedding photo shoot ideas, a little more won’t hurt, so allow us to suggest you funky ideas: 1. The chalk and board shots: All you need to do is jot down cute phrases and get clicked holding that board. 2. The Bokeh shots: ‘Bokeh’ photography is when in the backdrop is blurred, generally blurred colourful lights. 3. The runaway bride shot: One quirky shot is a must! Maybe the groom and bride fleeing and rest running after you guys! (Bride in a cocktail gown and groom in a tuxedo) 4. Cute top shots: Top shots with you guys lying doing cute gesture and creative background could be one brilliant option. 5. In the rain shots: What can be more romantic than shots in the rain? Remember ‘Pyar hua…iqraar hua...’