By Shaloo Tiwari This post is for all our curvy friends! Because curves are always 'in'. Let’s face it! You’re done with all the ‘cute’'re now aiming for 'hot' and 'sassy', isn't it? Well, let's help you out... here are five amazing fashion hacks, as told to us by Nidhi Jacob (Fashion Editor, Elle), that will make your curves pop the right way. Read on: Tighter the better: There is this tall story about curvy women opting for loose clothes to look slimmer. But in reality, the tighter you go in terms of a silhouette, the more flattering your look would be. Opt for nipped-in waist dresses, pencil skirts, and skinny jeans. Don’t say no to flares: The next time you want to wear a flow-y top, just DO it. It will make you look stunning for sure. Just pair it with  a tight bottom. In fact, mid-calf length suits every body type. Flash your collar bone: The best trick for curvy women is to wear something that shows off their shoulder blades. A V-neck or boat neck top will do the trick. Choose black: Colour is an amazing tool to camouflage problem areas. Remember ladies, dark colour is you new bestie in town! The saree spell: Saree is a super great option for plus-sized women. You could go for either a soft mull, silk, or net sarees. Just drape one and see how for yourself!