It's the third month of the year already and there's no reason to not look fabulous. We have five essentials to make you feel and look stunning...take a look: DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid review MEIJI AMINO COLLAGEN SKIN GLOW: If healthy skin is your go-to makeup hack, pick this absolutely luscious Japanese product. meiji_amino_collagen_skin_glow_1_1 SUGAR IT'S A-POUT TIME! VIVID LIPSTICK: Bring out the diva in you in this pout-i-licious lipstick. It's affordable, super stay-on and great for impromptu parties. citc_2_1 BURT'S BEES BEESWAX LIP BALM: Dramatic lips may be hot, but well-nourished and moisturized lips are beautiful and evergreen. It's perfect for your chapped and cracked wonders. burts-bees-lip-balm THE NATURE'S CO. TEA TREE HAIR NOURISHING CREAM: Dry and frizzled hair bothering you? Switch to this nourishing cream. Oh,'re going to look fab. the-nature-s-co-125-tea-tree-hair-nourishing-cream-400x400-imadkhs8uzm9k8ab NATIO BODY SPRAY DEODORANT: Feel fresh and light all day, thanks to this effervescent deo. Indulge away. natio_body_spray_deodorant Pictures sourced from: Meiji, Sugar, Burt's Bees, The Nature's Co, Natio