As young girls we start reading fairy tales that grow on to becoming classic romances. How many girls dream of a prince charming coming to rescue them? So many girls long for a Mr. Darcy to sweep them off their feet. But ever read between the lines of these sugar coated romances? Growing up a feminist I went back to my most loved novels and was not quiet swoon away from them anymore. From degrading women to making them believe playing hard to get is the way to get a man. The novels conditioned us to feed the male ego and made us accept its okay to be objectified. Here are five classic examples of classics gone wrong. 1) Pride and Prejudice: Set as a romance, the novel is everything wrong with the perception of love. With money and the class system in place, it shows women dependent on men and emphasizes on the necessity of marriage. Though Austen was way ahead of her time with making the protagonist reject the male lead, it still led her back to him. 2) Jane Eyre: This novel has been viewed by many as a champion for female independence and modernity before its time. Wrapped on its liberating plot, we often forget about the plight of the woman in the attic. Also in its true modern ways, why did Jane have to come back to Rochester to heal him? 3) Anna Karenina: So modern, so liberating. Underlying tones not so much! With the protagonist left in misery due to her adulterous ways, while men never had face such a fate, it says everything about a male dominated society. 4) Frankenstein: Portraying women without a voice, as objects of submissive sex. Though all of the female characters mentioned were created by a female author, every one of them has extremely demeaning characterization. Shelley goes on to objectify women. She portrays women being used, abused, and easily discarded. None of the characters, save Margaret, they go to live through the novel with their fictional lives only to serve a very specific function and impact a man’s life 5) Fifty shades of grey: Termed a modern day classic by critics, it’s difficult to point out just one reason to call it anti feminist. A novel satisfying the male ego; the novel makes you believe it’s okay to be repressed by men and in this present age is just preposterous!