We know that you swear by your trusted make-up brands and items, but allow us to introduce you to a wide range of fabulous makeup must-haves. Take a look at our favorite five for this month…read on: DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid review BioBloom (Lip Balm - Mint - Petrochemical Free) With winter months approaching, it's time to give your luscious lips a quick makeover. Made with beeswax, it's the closest you can get to an organic wonder! Lip balm

Iraya (Anti Acne Gel)  : Nobody likes acne and pimples. But we are scared of chemicals that can ruin our skin's natural oil balance. Fret not though! Try out Iraya's Anti Acne Gel for smooth, shiny and sensuous skin. anti-acne-gel-50-gm Brocato (Actives Restorative Hair Infusion Serum): Damaged hair needs all the nourishment it can get. Here's one serum that not only replenishes the lost minerals, but also actually repairs your roots and scalp. 0002837_brocato-actives-restorative-hair-infusion         Anna Andre (Deluxe Crème Lipstick): Rich. Fade-proof. True colour. What else do you need, eh? Make your pout even sassier with this hot find. blow All Good Scents (Flirty fragrance): Elegant, flamboyant and fragrant, this perfume is perfect for the Naari on the go. Trust us!   Untitled Pictures sourced from: BioBloom, Iraya, Brocato, Anna Andre, All Good Scents