We have got a new in-trend Graphic Eyeliners as it's our official duty to keep an eye on what’s raging in the makeup-holic circles. Give your eyes an all-new look with these amazing designs. Take a look:The Boat Graphic Liner: This style of graphic is one of the most popular ones. The eyeliner is pulled a tad further below the eyebrows, and you are ready to rock!image1Wings With a Twist: This is a cute way of wearing winged eyeliner, wherein the lower liner is left loose towards the inner edge. Charming!image1 (3)The Pretty Patch: In this style, you can create a pretty triangle patch at the outer edge of the upper-line, just a little above the wing. And you’re ready to cast the eye spell.image2 (1)Editing: Nitin Kerkar Make-up: Shaloo Tiwari