2015 brought us a lot of ups and downs but amongst all these our Kurtis were always liked and appreciated by you! Without your love, this fabulous year wouldn’t have been as fabulous! So here we have lined up our 15 most loved Kurtis of this year: Product Code : K-211: This kurti has taken the fifteenth position! top seller1 Product Code : SD-0132-BL: For the fourteenth position we have this blue magic. topseller 3 Product Code : K-514: The Thirteenth: top seller4 KU-15-WC-0304-RD : This awesome red magic has taken twelfth place: top seller5 Product code :KU-0161-GR: Eleventh place is taken by this peppy piece: topseller 6 Product code: US-HS-0015-CO: On the tenth position is this Unstitched SKD! top seller7 Product Code: SD-15-LS-0006-BR: Ninth top seller is this: top seller8 Product Code: KU-0476-NV: This Rabadi is at the eighth place! top seller9 Product Code: KU-15-LS-0034-BC: This piece of beauty is on the seventh position. topseller 16 Product code: KU-0570-NV: Sixth comes this pretty kurti. Topseller 11 Prodoct Code : K-0574: This edgy stuff comes fifth in the top seller race! topseller 18 Product Code : KU-0569: The elegant piece is at the fourth position. topseller 13                                                       Product Code: KU-15-CH-0118-PK: Here comes the third. topseller 20 Product Code : KU-0572: Second! top seller 22 Product Code : K-0501 : And of course... this tops our list! topseller 23