No astrology. No numerology. Simple behavioral analysis! what if we say we can fetch what a kind of person you are by the way you hold your dupatta? Yes. Here we have put together 5 ways how you beautiful women carry dupattas and what it shows about your personality! Read on: The on shoulder Dupatta! Women who carry their dupatta only on either side of their shoulders are said to be really responsible, trustworthy and poised!They are patient with all situations in life! dupatta style! The forearm keepers! Women who elegantly lay their dupattas on both their forearms are the ones who like to keep it pretty all the time. They are friendly and charming by nature! dupatta 1 Go it single handed: Women who keep one end of their dupatta on the forearm and the other on the shoulder are people who can bring balance their life and survive any situations confidently! Their personality is their USP! dupatta 2 Hot with the Knot: Women who with one end of the dupatta tie a knot on their fingers are really sexy but don’t trust people easily! They have inherent leadership quality. dupatta 3 The neck game: Some of the women tend to simply leave their dupatta close around their neck such women are supposed to be very cute and simple in nature. They are also hardworking and are loved by all! 001