Your wedding day is something that you will remember for the rest of your life and no one can blame you for wanting it to be a bit different from all the other weddings you’ve attended for so many years. A unique wedding is everyone’s dream and sometimes we tend to get a bit carried away with the expense in the name of wedding.  Now that wedding season is back, here are a few ideas that you can use to avoid something that is cliché.
  1. DJ request box:
Ask your guests their favorite song when they are entering the venue and play the song after all the ceremonies are done. That way you don’t have to stick to the boring remixed songs and have a variety of tracks that will please each guest attending your wedding.
  1. Notes from guests:
During the ceremony, ask your married guests to write some good advice for a happy marriage on a piece of paper. That way, you can prepare yourself for a good marriage. Just to make it more fun, keep 3 boxes labeled ‘1 month anniversary’, ‘1 year anniversary’ and ‘5 year anniversary’ and open those boxes respectively.
  1. Fun photo booth:
Have a fun photo booth right up on the stage and instead of taking photos the conventional way, click quirky pictures with all your guests. This way, the wedding is memorable for you as well as your guests!
  1. Picture it:
Have a Polaroid camera at your wedding and get clicked with all your guests. String these Polaroid pictures and you could even keep it as a backdrop on the stage!
  1. Games post ceremonies:
This is especially for those who are having a destination wedding. Plan a sporting event post the ceremonies to end your wedding on a high note (for the winning side at least!)
  1. Balloons:
Balloons look beautiful and no one can disagree on that. Use any two color balloons and spread them all over the venue that way everyone can play and pose with them. This idea is especially for beach weddings.
  1. Dancing shoes:
Have a separate shoe basket filled with flip flops and slippers of all sizes. Let your guests give their feet some rest from the high heels and boots for a while and slip into the comforts and ask them to hit the dance floor!
  1. Table décor:
Go quirky with the décor! You could keep a copy of your favorite book as a part of your décor. You could also have a DIY station for guests, where they can make something and give it back to you once they are done.
  1. Snacks:
We all know how long the wedding ceremonies are and after a period it starts getting boring. Be innovative and serve popcorn during the pheras. That way your guests have something to munch on. You could also hire a popcorn cart or fast food van for guests to beat the hunger pangs.
  1. Word search napkins:
Another ad on for the guests to enjoy during the long wedding ceremonies! Have custom made word search napkins and place it on all tables. It is fun for kids as well as adults! Wanting something unique for your wedding can often leave you broke. So when you plan your unique wedding make sure you have set a budget for everything. Do let us know which of these ideas you would be planning to use for your wedding.