Ever since I discovered Gossip Girl, I couldn’t get the image of the badass Blair Waldorf out of my head. Born with a silver spoon (platinum, maybe), she is all witty with her comebacks as well as got enviable sense in clothing. Here are few reasons why #TeamBlair is a clear winner:
  • She knows what she wants: Unlike Serena, who always had second thoughts and is unable to make a decision, Blair is strong headed and knows what she wants. She is determined and goes after what she wants and even if it’s being “Princess of Monaco”.
  • She not afraid to speak her mind: Blair is always ready with her sassy mouth. She might come out as intimidating, but it looks all charming.
  • She is a better friend than Serena: Serena got all close with Nate knowing he was Blair’s long time boyfriend. Despite knowing, Blair always wanted to go to Yale, Serena sabotaged her application. Serena destroyed her and Dan’s Budding relationship. And in spite of all this Blair still accepts her. Because Blair is loyal, supportive and forgiving.
  • She gives us major #ShoppingGoals: All I ever want is to own Blair’s closet. She has a fantastic style and despite having a great body, she doesn’t wear anything revealing and still looks gorgeous. She is at credit to bring back headbands. In the words of Blair, “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop.”
  • She doesn’t settle for anything less than she deserves: Blair waits for no one. And if someone wants to get to out of her life, she is ready to toss them out just like her broken heel. When Bass trades her for a hotel, she chucks (Got it?) him out too!
  • She works hard for everything: She was blessed with everything. But she still worked to become what she is today. Call her a control freak, but she plotted and schemed to make everything possible. In her words, “Destiny is for losers, it’s a lame excuse to make things happen to you, instead of making them true,”
  • She loves her more than anyone else: Serena had a loving family but it was Blair who was broken. With her daddy issues, she learnt to take care of herself (thanks to Dorota) Yes, she has Chuck for romance. But no one is going to love you unless you love yourself. She has got enough self-confidence to last a lifetime.
  • She showed us Its okay to not be Ok: Everyone has a vulnerable side and even the Queen B. Blair thought us its okay to let go of emotions for once and break down. As long as you have good people in life, you are good to go.
  • Say out Loud those emotions: Be fearless in saying those three words if you are truly in love. How could you hold your tears when Blair confessed her feelings to Chuck? Blair was determined unlike Serena who ran away from Dan so much.
  • Lastly, She knew who she was and owned it: Blair Waldrof didn’t shy away from the fact that she was a total badass from the upper east side of Manhattan. Infact she owned the title as a boss. Blair Waldrof was everything.
Hail Queen B. xoxo