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If you're unsure of what to wear to an event such as a family function or to class, your best bet is to opt for a stylish kurti. Modern day kurtis are extremely popular in Indian communities as they are conservative enough to wear in front of your conservative grandparents, whilst still being fashion forward.

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If you’ve been paying attention recently, you might have noticed that modern-day fashion in Indian has made a huge transition. Today’s fashion has managed to find a perfect balance of traditional Indian fashion and styles from the western world. Thanks to the ever popular and super stylish Kurti, traditional Indian dresses for women have undergone a long-awaited transformation. There are now various Kurtis available in an infinite amount of colors, patterns, and materials. No matter the occasion, women can wear a Kurti that will not only be appropriate but also have them looking stylish.Readmore
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One of the most prevalent festive seasons of our country is next on the calendar. Is your wardrobe prepared? We’ve done our end of the job curating a list of stunning Naari kurtis for this Diwali. They’re apt for your poojas, for card parties and every other one of those numerous gatherings we host and participate in.Readmore
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If you often look into the mirror and wish that you were taller or slimmer, there's no need to starve yourself or take drastic measures, in order to obtain your dream figure. Instead, you can use fashion in order to give the illusion that you're as tall and slim as a Bollywood star like Priyanka Chopra.

If your aim is to look tall and lean, the first item which you should purchase is a staple pair of slim fit cigarette pants. Which you'll be able to wear on a daily basis. After all, tailored cigarette pants are dressy enough to wear to the office or to a sit down dinner at a fancy restaurant.

To give the illusion that you have legs for days, make sure to try pairing your new pair of stylish cigarette pants, with your favorite heels. You'll instantly look taller and thinner, we promise!

How to choose a pair of slim fit pants:

No matter how much you weigh, or what dress size you normally wear, the slimmest part of your leg is likely to be located 3/4 of the way, down your calf. Ideally, you should aim to purchase a pair of cigarette pants which hit your calf at this point. If in doubt, you can't go wrong selecting an ankle grazing style.

Ankle grazing styles are especially chic paired with flats such as summer sandals, flat boots and ballet flats. When you're in the fitting room trying on different styles, try to pair a pair of slim fit pants that stop once cm before your ankle. However, a word to the wise, if you have big feet, it's worth opting for a style that is a cm longer as a longer pant leg will help cover part of your shoes and will give the illusion that you have smaller, daintier feet.

Just don't make the mistake of purchasing cigarette pants that are too long and brush the floor as you walk, as pants that are too long will make you look shorter and fatter. It's well worth remembering that if none of the pants in the stores you browse hit your leg at the right point, you can always visit a tailor who can custom design a pair of cigarette pants for you.

Solid Dark Blue Cigarette Pants

Solid Dark Blue Cigarette Pants (SKU: SP-DP-2643-DU)

Why you should purchase slim fit cigarette pants in a variety of colours:

After you purchase your first pair of slim fit cigarette pants, you'll receive so many compliments, that you'll want to wear them on a regular basis. After all, your friends, family and colleagues are bound to shower you with compliments. As an example, expect to be asked what you've done to lose weight or if you're on a new diet.

If you can only afford to purchase two colours, your best bet is to purchase a pair of black pants and a pair of white pants. White cigarette style pants scream summer and add a touch of class to your outfit. Definitely try pairing white ankle grazers with strappy gold sandals and a loose silk style blouse.

Black Narrow Pants

Black Narrow Pants (SKU: CP-AV-2213-BK)

White Cigarette Pant

White Cigarette Pant (SKU: CP-FS-1462-WH)

To dress your black pair of ankle grazers up, simply style them with a pair of sparkly heels, a white blouse and a black blazer. Finally, complete your fashionable outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a few pieces of gold or silver jewelry. Not only will you be far more comfortable, than your friends that are wearing dresses but as black is a slimming color, your legs will look even slimmer than usual.

If you can afford to splash out on a third pair of ankle grazers, either opt for a beige or tan style, that will compliment your skin tone and which can be paired with a variety of colors or take a risk and purchase a patterned pair of cigarette pants. As an example, you may want to try on a pair of cigarette pants which boast a subtle geometric pattern or opt for a bold polka dot or floral print. Just ensure to opt for a pair of pants that makes you feel confident. As confidence is key to pulling off a bold pattern.

So what are you waiting for?

If you're looking for a fool proof way to instantly look slimmer and taller, it's well worth investing in several pairs of slim fit cigarette pants!

Off-White Narrow Pants

Off-White Narrow Pants (SKU - CP-ID-2412-OW)

Orange Narrow Printed Pants

Orange Narrow Printed Pants (SKU: CP-AV-2214-OR )

Olive Pants With Printed Bottom

Olive Pants With Printed Bottom (SKU: CP-SD-2513-OG)

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This season get fashionable with utmost ease. Stock your cart with some of our favorite picks for the season. Summer essentials are a must to keep going in this heat. Here’s my pick of 5 pieces you need to invest in this summer. A fun way to add a hint of difference to your wardrobe.   1. Yellow Linolio Solid Tunic (TU-CL-1587-YL) This one is from our Classic Collection. This tunic is light in weight and perfect for daily wear. Plain but striking! Linolio yellow tunic with buttons lined back, is a must for you this summer.   2. Blue Abstract Printed Kurti (KU-AB-1494-NV) A dashing mashup of vibrant prints is what makes-up our Abstract Collection. This Rayon kurti is perfectly designed for a stylish cool feel. The rich blue hue with a colorful abstract patch in the front makes it very eye catching.   3. Olive Green Embroidered Linolio Kurti ( KU-MD-1573-OG) This ones inspired from the Mandan Art, which revives the culture of Rajasthan. Adorned with horizontal teal embroidery detailing at the front center, this olive green colored kurti showcases incomparable charm.   4. Sea Green Rayon Embroidered Kurti  (KU-WW-1616-SG) The Work Wear Collection is our smart invention for all the working naaris. There are comfy pockets attached to this kurti on either side so that you can hang around in style.   5. Black Sleeveless Rayon Tunic (TU-JM-1513-BK) Go for this innovation from the Jhoom Collection, that's perfect for this ethnic trend. This sleeveless tunic is made from rayon, which ensures complete comfort and breathability to the wearer.   So what are you waiting for? Give Your Wardrobe the Much Needed Makeover!
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Money can give you happiness when you have it and anxiety when you don’t! While having some extra cash on you could get you the dress you have fancied at the neighborhood couture or taking the Uber instead of the metro or going out partying. Being short on cash can give you some serious woes like going frugal on your nights out, shopping for your cola at the supermarket or running huge tabs on your credit card bill with money flow being in the distant! Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is getting started. It can be difficult to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals. Here are 5 hacks that can save you some serious money
  1. Free friend time:
Spending time with friends and with people whom you care for has a positive impact on your well being but not when its making you broke. Going out for coffee or dinner with your friends is a fun activity once in a while but there are other ways to chill that are easy on the pocket. Go play a sport together or cycle as you used to in your childhood. The fun and the joy that takes you back to your carefree childhood days is a different experience in adulthood! Go for a long walk on the beach with the cold sand sifting through your feet or if you just want to catch up then meet at each other‘s homes as you used to for your play dates . No spend=FUN!
  1. Treat yourself wisely:
It’s good to splurge on yourself. Allow yourself the luxury of a silly treat and pamper yourself with a goodie bag. It could be as simple as a good pastry, getting aromatic candles to lighten up your home, buy a DVD of a movie you love while gobbling into your favorite ice cream tub. Who said you need to specifically buy big stuff to keep yourself happy? Good things do come in small packages!
  1. Make a weekly plan:
Many people spend much more on food than is necessary. While it's easy to forget to be thrifty when you're biting into a gourmet meal at your favorite restaurant, food-related expenses can become quite large if allow them to get out of control. Buy groceries in bulk and preferably on weekends, with coupons or combo offers. Dine out, when restaurants roll out special offers, thereby saving you a few bucks. This way you can tingle your food buds on a daily basis at the same time it doesn’t lighten your pockets! As the adage goes ‘Money saved is money earned’
  1. Keep a tab:
The first step in saving money is to know how much you are spending. For one month keep a record of everything you spend .That means every coffee, every newspaper, and every snack you purchase for the entire month. Once you have your data, organize these numbers by category- figure out way where you can minimize your expense and cut down on it.
  1. Save on travel:
The best way to save money is to travel by public transport. Instead of going by your own car or bike, carpool to your destination! That will not only save the environment, but also help you on the pockets. Though these are just hacks, the real deal is to inculcate certain life changing habits which provide you the benefits over a long run.

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